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My name is Rob, I’m 23 and I’m a university graduate who has now gone straight back into study at Drama School in London. I’m very passionate about fitness, delicious food, be that healthy or not, and living as well as possible within what I can afford as a student.

As a student at university, I always played a lot of sport and I loved to cook. As with many students, I was very limited by my budget, so had to come up with novel ways to keep my nutrition levels up in order to fuel my active lifestyle. Such a challenge led me to create The Lean Student Chef.

Having been pestered for recipes, fitness tips and help with cooking healthy and delicious food on a budget, my initial idea was to share the recipes that I created with just my friends. It soon became apparent that the demand exists far beyond my initial expectations for my recipes. It is my hope that my page can help as many people as possible, in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle without the associated expense. That is why I create recipes that anyone can follow and enjoy, be that Vegan & Vegetarian recipes, Fakeaways, Specials, Brunches & Breakfasts and even Sweet Treats sometimes!

What I have also been very keen to do from the very start is emphasise a balance between healthy eating, fitness and indulging every now and again in whatever I fancy. It is SO important to me that I am enjoying my life whilst remaining healthy. This manifests itself in many ways; my cheat posts and restaurant visits at least once a week, not spending every moment of my life at the gym, doing exercises that I enjoy and most importantly, making healthy food delicious. The healthy food that my recipes create makes it possible for me to achieve such a balance and enjoy treating myself every now and again, as I feel safe in the knowledge that the majority of my lifestyle is active and healthy.

If you’ve got this far, i’m thrilled to bits that you want to know about me and The Lean Student Chef. I very much hope that I can help you, whatever your life goals may be so feel free to drop me a message via the contact me tab above.

Rob x

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