Big Easy (Canary Wharf) – Bottomless Brunch 3/5

With a load of my pals heading back to their various universities and starting again today myself, we thought we’d treat ourselves to a bottomless brunch over at Big Easy in Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Place (Which just so happens to be the same building as ‘Giant Robot’ that I reviewed a couple of weeks back). The Louisiana themed BBQ & Crab Shack is really quite something when you first walk in, the decor is absolutely brilliant and the authenticity of the whole experience is a 5/5. Take the food for example, served in large metal bin lids; expect massive, meaty ribs, half chickens, drumsticks and even some sweet corn muffins. You do really feel like you’ve stepped into a New Orleans Barbecue Joint (Or how I’d imagine one to be anyway…).

What is also unquestionable is the drink, unlimited draught lager (good draught lager I hasten to add), Prossecco and frozen Mojito’s. All of which were really great for a bottomless brunch restaurant. This does make a huge difference, as a cynical part of me expected these to be watered down or very poor quality to make up for the volume that they have to give away.

Where I was quite disappointed however, was in the actual quality of the food. I elected for the unlimited BBQ meat (the other option was a crab roll). Although very impressive in terms of just how much meat is put before you, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it. The half chicken was over-cooked and dry, meaning the only way to prevent indigestion was an overwhelming amount of barbecue sauce. The sweet muffins (which could have been a very nice touch) were even more dry than the chicken, making them rather gimmicky instead of satisfactory for a sweet tooth like mine…

Now that the negatives are out of the way, the chips were absolutely perfect, fluffy and crispy without being dry at all and the ribs and pulled pork were also good, meaning I stuck with them largely.

Overall, it was very close to being an exceptional dining experience had it not been for the shortfall in the food. The shortfall was however, quite profound and stuck with me, so it’s going to be a 3/5 for me.


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