Butternut Squash & Portobello Mushroom Vegan Burgers – £1.58 PP – 583 KCALS – Serves 4

This is a debut for butternut squash in any of my recipes so far and I really don’t know why. I feel like every family has a little something a little different that they ALWAYS include in a roast on a Sunday, well butternut squash was mine. Maybe partly down to that, but more likely down to how good it tastes, I absolutely love the stuff. Roasting it really brings out it’s sweetness and when you’re prepping it, you’ll notice it has a smell almost akin to mango. If you boil it, you do get some of that sweetness, but I find that slowly roasting it brings that unique taste out of it as much as possible. I also chose not to finely mash it as then you get little morsels of it’s succulent taste in the burgers.

Lentils, as I’ve said before, and I’m sure I’ll say again, are such a perfect source of fibre and protein, without the sugar of a potato and without the fat of meat. They also form a wonderful base for a veggie burger, in fact they will work with any number of different ingredients, not just butternut squash. Spring onions bring a wonderful bit of green freshness to the smokes paprika squash and lentils too, plus a bit of green is always nice to the eye…..

I used my standard recipe for the sweet potato wedges because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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