Calibrese Tortilla Pizza – 5 Mins Prep & Cook – £1.15 PP

So first thing is first, my favourite pizza’s on the market are the Calibrese’s from Pizza Union and Pizza express. So forgive me for being a little bit selfish in whipping up my own, low cal take on those two bad boys. I also haven’t posted a tortilla pizza for donkeys years, so when I had 5 minutes spare the other day, only some chorizo, ketchup, fresh chilli, rocket and eggs in the fridge PLUS a wholemeal tortilla in the bread-bin, my mind was made up.

We’ll get to the price later, which is astronomically cheaper than a restaurant pizza for the record…. But we’ll start with my favourite part of this pizza and that is the taste of fresh chilli cooked under the grill. The immediate heat of fresh chilli is dissipated in the oven and you’re left with little smokey bites of chilli deliciousness. When they’re combined with the oily and salty deliciousness of chorizo (I didn’t actually have any calibrese sausage I’ll be honest) and the sweetness of good old Tommy K we’re on to a winner!

Plus, as soon as you throw a handful of rocket and a fried egg on a pizza, suddenly it feels infinitely healthier. Which, with the minerals from the rocket and 7g of protein from the egg, makes complete sense. Now to the cherry on top, it takes the grand total of 5 MINUTES and costs the grand total of £1.15. Filling, healthy, easy and virtually instant….

Enjoy. Rob x


1 Wholemeal Wrap (15p)

1 Large Egg (15p)

1/2 Tbsp Chilli Flakes (5p)

1/2 Tbsp Paprika (5p)

20g Chorizo (25p)

25g Rocket (30p)

1 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup (5p)

1/2 fresh chilli (10p)

1/2 Tbsp Oregano (5p)


You’ll need a grill oven, a small frying pan and a tray to place the pizza on. Pre-heat grill to 250 degrees Celci0us.

  1. Finely dice the chorizo and chop the fresh chilli into strips.
  2. Evenly spread a tbsp ketchup on the tortilla wrap. Then evenly spread the chorizo and chilli.
  3. Pop the pizza under the grill for 4 minutes.
  4. With one minute to go, pop the egg in a frying pan on a high heat.
  5. Take the pizza out, pop the egg in the middle and sprinkle the rocket, followed by the chilli flakes and the oregano.




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