Chicken Noodle Soup – Serves 4 – £1.03 Per Portion

In the cold winter months, it’s always hard to look past a good soup to fill you up. Whether that’s a simple, carb-free soup with a hunk of bread or a tasty rice or noodle soup that does the job all by itself. I find a simple soup particularly good for lunch as you can very easily make a batch and simply heat it up with little to no effort. Soup isn’t actually always as light as you may think, particularly in terms of saturated fat content. The most obvious reason for that is using a lot of cream or oil in the soup making process. I personally find that over doing the oil or cream also overpowers the flavours of the soup’s ingredients.

There are a couple of ways around that; make more chunky soups with less oil, or sacrifice a touch of smoothness with a blended soup. This particular recipe definitely uses the first way. By using a low cal spray like Frylight, particularly along with a good non-stick pan, you can sauté the chicken and veggies with 10-20 sprays at 1kcal each. Considering a tablespoon of your regular pouring oil means 119 calories of fat, the difference is huge. (Visit to see the full range).

Also by using thighs, which are naturally more juicy and tender, you don’t need to slow cook the soup. This takes cooking time down from up to 7 hours, to 25 minutes. Although it can be equally straightforward leaving a soup to cook for the day, it certainly takes more planning. This recipe means you can simply grab the ingredients on the way home from the office, rustle up a quick dinner and have plenty left over for the week.

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