Curry Leaf – Clapham Junction – 4/5

I took a huge leap this weekend, after nearly 3 MONTHS of living here in Clapham Junction, I finally gambled on whether or not we could find a good curry house. Whilst this may not sound a huge deal, with curry being my absolute favourite takeaway AND having a wonderful go to curry house at home, a lot was riding on Sunday evening’s decision. Especially considering the easter weekend was, let’s say, quite heavy…. So a heavy curry that wasn’t worth it for the taste, would really have been an unmitigated culinary disaster.

The first surprise at ‘Curry Leaf’ was what everyone LOVES to see – BYOB (bring your own booze). Quick trip next door to Sainsbury’s and I’ve got a couple of Cobras ready to go for 4 quid (not bad when they’re normally £6 each and you’re a student with money concerns). However, that would still have been mere semantics had the curry not been up to scratch. In the interests of fairness compared to other curry houses, I opted for my standard – Chicken Dhansak (Madras Hot), Pilau Rice, Keema Naan and a couple of Onion Bhaji’s – my mouth is watering thinking about that combination…..

Anyway, when it came, it most definitely didn’t disappoint. I find too many curries have a load of sauce and not enough meat (presumably to save the expense). This was packed with juicy chicken (which has clearly been thoroughly seasoned before cooking), along with a delicious, spicy, thick curry sauce. The Naan was a fresh and doughy (how i like them) and the rice was also pretty much spot on. The only disappointment was the Bhaji’s, which kept my overall rating to a 4 rather than a 41/2. I’d definitely recommend the place however, good value, tasty curry – just how I like it.


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