Giant Robot – Canary Wharf – 3.5/5

For those of you that saw my cheat post on Sunday, you’ll know that I was very kindly invited down by Street Feast London to their opening night at Giant Robot. I’m guessing the name makes some referral to the futuristic Cross Rail place which it calls home, but i’m not certain on that. What’s more important is how was the place itself? And what about the food?!

I’ll start with the best bit; Little José’s charcuterie ciabatta with their chorizo croquettes. The freshly sliced Spanish Serrano ham was absolute divine on a crispy toasted ciabatta with a light olive oil and chopped tomato spread. On to the croquettes, which I always order when I get tapas but almost always regret, cheese dries and hardens too quickly, there isn’t enough flavour, and they generally just make me feel sick. HOWEVER, this is most definitely an exception. Anyone who follows my Instagram will know how much a love chorizo, but the balance in these croquettes between seasoning, chorizo and cheese was SPOT ON. They did however run out of Croquettes and Serrano, so had to start serving Calamari with a sauce I couldn’t quite place but really did not work for me. I’ll put that down to the rush and let them off though… 4/5 (would probably have been a 5 if not for the calamari).

A close second for me was the food at Yum Bun, I didn’t get a chance to taste one of the asian style buns themselves, but I did have some of the pork belly dumplings and how lucky I was… Perfectly cooked rice dumplings, almost with a dim sum-esque quality. They were sublime. Not too heavy as they can often be, thin rice outside coating and rich and juicy (but not overly so) for the filling. 4/5

Third place, but also perfectly adequate was the chicken burger and cajun chips that I went for at ‘Thunderbird’. chicken burger was perfectly cook and I really enjoyed it, but the chips were a touch over cooked and dry so I only had a few. Again, I didn’t get a chance to try the whole menu and I did hear good things about the wings so definitely worth a try! 3/5

In fourth out of the food on offer was ‘Bob’s Lobster’ serving, you guessed it, crab and lobster buns, as well as fish tacos. It may be that I chose badly but I went for a crab bun. The brioche bun was good, by itself, and the crab filling was a touch watery and flavourless. It wasn’t a combination that worked for me and left it at the bottom of the list for me. 2/5

In terms of the rest of the venue, the sun sets at the other side of Crossrail Place, so the river view doesn’t amount to an awful lot when you’re in the shade and it’s cold. Overall however, it is a cracking venue and again, street feast London have got it almost spot on. One 360 degree cocktail bar and one 38 tap bar with endless craft beers to choose from make the options almost endless for drinks and the food, if you choose right, is terrific. Although maybe not as good as Dinerama overall, possibly just because it’s smaller and the purpose built feel of Canary Wharf isn’t for me.

It’s a 3.5/5.



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