Lean Spicy Meatball Pasta – Serves 3 – £1.80 PP (425Kcals)

With pre-season coming up for a lot of universities, I’ve linked up with the University of Nottingham’s sports teams to set about creating something as simple as possible that serves as a perfect healthy, high energy bit of supper during some tough training. That doesn’t just apply to sports people though, take me for example; currently smashing out circuits 4 days a week and burning off my bit of holiday flab. During that sort of period, it is ESSENTIAL to get a couple of high carb meals in a week, or my training dips dramatically and I spend my time exhausted and unproductive. Which nobody wants. Admittedly, it is rare that I’ll do a dish with standard pasta (normally I use brown if I use pasta at all), but I don’t think anyone can deny it just tastes a touch better, so why not every now and again?

Any pasta dish is all about the sauce. Creating a tomato based sauce from scratch means you can tweak it to taste incredibly easily. The key for me is mixing more tangy tinned chopped tomatoes, with sweeter, fresh ones AND making sure you get the seasoning spot on. Take this compared to the ‘Courgetti Puttanesca’ that I posted on the 28th March (How time flies!), save a few variants, it was a very similar pasta sauce, but a COMPLETELY different dish. Personally I love a bit of spice with meatballs, beef in general when I think about it, so I’ve popped a few rocket chillies in this one, but vary that to taste. Fresh basil also brings a world of taste to the sauce, so don’t think you’re going overboard as it will look like a lot when it’s all chopped up! I got the lean meatballs from musclefoods, they’re only £3.50 per dozen ideal for cutting a load of fat out of the dish without losing much taste at all, so it’s a no brainer really.

Plus, it only takes a grand total of 10 minutes to rustle up AND it’s only going to set you back the princely sum of £1.80 Per Portion.

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