Peri Peri Quarter Chicken & Rosemary Wedges – £1.62 Per Portion

I don’t know many people that don’t like good peri-peri chicken (except vegans and vegetarians I suppose…), BUT I feel like the general association with it is that it’s unhealthy and to be avoided. I want to change that and so I’ve thrown together something delicious (like the great restaurant itself) with a quarter chicken and chips that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve actually sunk a massive Nando’s. I went back to my old peri peri recipe, which is absolutely delicious (If I may say so myself) and rustled up a batch to smother on some chicken. Quick warning – It’s HOT! Just leave the cayenne out if you’re not big into spice. The wonderful thing about chicken on the bone of course is that it’s so very cheap – you can get a whole Kg of chicken legs for £2.50! Breast is more like £6 to put that in proportion.

I also feel like rosemary wedges only seem to be a thing in gastro pubs and I have no idea why, they’re ridiculously easy to make and the combination of salt, pepper and rosemary is unbeatable with wedges. Even better than peri peri salt. Fact. Another tip with the peri peri sauce, make too much and mix some with light mayonnaise to make your own perinaise. That way you get the best of both worlds – rosemary perinaise wedges… my mouth is watering thinking about them. And obviously because they’re crispified in the oven, as opposed to deep fried, they are still lean!

I mix up my veggies whenever I go to Nandos. When I say that, I don’t normally get them at all…. so it really depends what veggies you want to have with yours – pretty much anything will go. I made a lovely little fresh pea and mint salad (macho peas), which goes wonderfully with the spice as it’s refreshing and cooling on the tastebuds.

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