Pizza Express Greenwich (Live Music Thursdays) – 4.5/5

Anyone following my story recently will know that I was lucky enough to get down to Pizza Express’ launch of their live music Thursdays in Greenwich and what a wonderful evening it was. The restaurant itself seems quite small, which I quite like as it’s just a more cosy atmosphere. But it is also spread over 2 floors, so there is plenty of room too! The first thing to note is that this time, I didn’t have to make the pizza and guess what? It turned out much nicer than the one I made last time. We started with some antipasti to share as a table before the pizza – It was good, not exceptional – I don’t really think you can go wrong with some nice cold meats, olives and stuffed peppers to get the taste buds going!

I then ordered the same thing I order every single time I go to pizza express – Calibrese – hot, soft ‘nduja sausage and Calabrese sausage D.O.P with fresh red chilli, Roquito pepper, roasted peppers, mozzarella and tomato, finished with buffalo mozzarella, rocket, pesto and Gran Milano cheese. It’s spicy, but cooled by the mozzarella, with the undertone of parmesan and basil in the pesto AND peppery rocket to go with it too! It really is a magnificent pizza, so much so that they took if off the menu for a while and I refused to go until it came back… But I’m not bitter at all though… It was delicious as always nonetheless!

I rounded it off with a delicious sticky toffee pudding too because… well… Thursday is the new weekend right?

What was really special about the evening was the live music. It added so much to a normal meal out, much helped by how good the singer was. Darren Campbell was his name and he played covers of loads of popular songs that everyone knows, creating a lovely ambience. I’m probably biased as I absolutely love live music, but it just filled any gaps in conversation without being so loud as to kill off any conversation. They have the live music every Thursday. I’ll definitely be going back soon and would recommend it to anyone!

Pizza Express, 4 Greenwich Church St, London SE10 9BG.



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