Pizza Union – Kings Cross 5/5

This restaurant is literally a 5 minute walk from school for me and it is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. I’ve tried quite a few of the pizzas on the menu and every time they’re perfectly balanced, thin crusts but not too thin, delicious tangy tomato sauce, chewy crusts and perfect garlic mayonnaise and chilli sauce dips. The pizzas are cooked in a MASSIVE flaming pizza oven at the back of the restaurant which gives them a wonderful smokey taste. I normally go for the Calibrese, spicy Italian sausage with some peppery rocket (and I always add a splash of chilli oil). It also comes with a perfect amount of mozzarella that’s lightly melted and really brings a great little addition of flavour to the pizza.

And what’s more? The max you’ll ever pay for a 12″ pizza is £6.50. SIX POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE. Admittedly you do pay 50p for each of the sauces AND I always go for some mixed olives to start which adds another £1.90. But overall I’ve never paid more than a tenner and I’ve never left anything but completely satisfied.

The restaurant itself has a really simple and authentic feel, with high stools in rows along raised, tiled tables which fit around 10/12 people, perfect for big groups. You’re given a clever little device which vibrates when your pizza is ready, which is always within 10 minutes of ordering. The only slight gripe that I have is the lack of serviettes on the table (you have to grab them from near the counter and I always forget), but that’s not enough to give this place anything other than 5/5. There’s also one in Spitalfields (Shoreditch/Liverpool Street) which I haven’t visited, but if they’re recreating the same winning formula, I’d imagine it’s also excellent!


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