Speedy Chicken Stir Fry – Serves 4 – 14 Mins Prep & Cook – £1.77PP

One of the biggest obstacles to eating well is time. Most of us live incredibly busy lives and it’s simply much easier to grab food on the go. That is, unless you have recipes that take next to no time or you’ve found some time to prep your meals. Not only will you save money from doing so, but you can also be certain that you’re eating exactly the nutrients you need to fuel your lifestyle. If you’ve had a big day of training for example, you have to get some complex carbs and fats down to recover properly. If you’re having a rest day, the carbs aren’t as necessary, and you’ll need more protein and vegetables to give you longer term energy stores for the day and the fuel for your muscles to recover.

Whenever I’m short of time, or can’t really be bothered to cook something that takes too much concentration, I cook a stir fry. That being said, I do still feel there is a bit of an art to it. Because everything cooks so quickly, it’s even more important that it’s all going in at the right time witht he right herbs and spices. It’s perfect for prep as you can simply microwave or cook some rice in 2 minutes if you’re on a training day. Or if you’re not, they’re always packed with protein and vegetables, so they’re just fine without the rice.

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