As a freelance blogger, social media manager & recipe creator, not only do I manage & create recipes for my pages and posts, but I can do the very same for you. I pride myself on my ability to utilise high quality, low cost ingredients in order to create delicious food.

Recipe creation-  Whether it be a specific ingredients that you want to integrate into a recipe, or vice versa, I am more than happy to help. As part of that, I will include a selection of high resolution images and a full, easy to follow recipe. I specialise in using healthy, nutritious ingredients BUT I also create ‘cheat meals’ and ‘cheat snacks’ as part of my drive for a lifestyle of moderation.

Personal chef- I learned to cook in luxury ski chalet’s, serving gourmet three course meals. If you want me to host a dinner party for you, or simply fancy being treated to something special yourself, get in touch.

Product & Restaurant Reviews- I am happy to review products and incorporate those reviews into my social media & blog posts, so long as they are in-keeping with the rest of my content. As a general rule this would include fitness products, services and supplements, ingredients, products aimed at the student market in general and restaurants.

Social media management & website creation- Before I started The Lean Student Chef, I already ran a website creation, social media management & graphic design business. I used my expertise in that industry to create The Lean Student Chef and I still work with many different businesses in many different industries in order to help them with anything from social media content creation to branding, website creation, graphic design and digital strategy.

If you’re interested in working with me or simply want to know whether I can help you please do get in touch.